Thursday, October 22, 2009

MT Week 1

Today marks one week of MT usage and I can tell a difference in the amount of hair that I have on my edges compared to before. Hopefully it's the MT working and not just my imagination. I also found MORE gray hairs in my head. Another thing is I'm not sure if it's scab hair or what, but the back right sight of my head has like bone straight hair. It's way to soon to determine any kind of hair texture. I know I'm probably 4 something or other. I won't worry about that now. I think I read somewhere that it could take up to a year or so after for your curl pattern to be defined enough to tell after going from relaxed to natural. Oh well, I'm loving my hair right now, it's so low maintenance! Here are this weeks MT pics compare to last weeks for comparison.

a comic strip!

a comic strip!

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